Commercial Investment Opportunities in New Jersey


New Jersey investors have a number of options when it comes to commercial real estate investing.  From retail strip centers in Atlantic City to multifamily and mixed-use opportunities in Trenton and Newark, those interested in growing their portfolio with investment opportunities can certainly find success in New Jersey.

Of course, identifying the opportunity is just the first step.  When it comes to securing a commercial loan, many investors feel as though their options have dwindled.

This is because traditional lenders, like banks, have strict requirements in place that prevent many different types of credit-worthy investors from getting the loan they need.

At the same time, many borrowers who can secure a bank loan simply choose not to.  This typically occurs when the borrower desires more flexibility than banks are typically willing to provide.

Investors in New Jersey who fall into these categories do have more options than they realize.  The key is to know where to look.  That’s where InvestmentProperty.Loans can help.

This page will list specific success stories regarding investors who were able to secure financing through alternative channels.  The properties shown are all located in New Jersey – they are reflective of the types of commercial and multifamily properties involved in smaller commercial loan transactions.

Take a look at the closed loan stories below.  If you have a similar need, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.  We can connect you with a solution that makes sense for your investment goals.



Success Story in Passaic

Property Type:  Mixed-Use   Purpose:  Refinance   Loan Amount:  $400,000   Location:  Passaic, New Jersey

Property Type: Mixed-Use

Purpose: Refinance

Loan Amount: $400,000

Location: Passaic, New Jersey


As their name suggests, mixed-use properties contains both commercial and residential space.  In many cases, an investor will lease the business and residential and components to separate tenants.  This presents a unique set of challenges for investors, since difficulties with either component can hurt the entire investment.

That was the problem for the investor in this New Jersey case study.  They were hoping to refinance and take cash out of their mixed-use property but faced a serious roadblock because the commercial unit had become vacant.  Traditional bank lenders are typically not very flexible when it comes to occupancy – as a result, the prospective borrower struggled to find a financing solution.

Fortunately, our commercial mortgage experts found a solution that allowed the investor to refinance and take the full amount of cash out of their existing mortgage.  But the benefits didn’t stop there.  Since the loan type was a reduced documentation solution, the borrower did not have to provide tax returns at any point during the transaction.


Success Story in Atlantic City

Property Type:  Retail   Purpose:  Cash-Out Refinance   Loan Amount:  $1,402,000   Location:  Atlantic City, New Jersey

Property Type: Retail

Purpose: Cash-Out Refinance

Loan Amount: $1,402,000

Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey


Investors looking to increase their cash flow have a number of options.  One such option? Refinance their mortgage and tap into their property’s equity.

This can be easier said than done, especially if the investor is not able to provide sufficient documentation for bank lenders.  In these cases, traditional lenders may significantly reduce the amount of cash the borrower can take out of the property.  They can also simply choose not to approve the loan request.

Fortunately, more flexible lending options do exist in today’s market.  Our team provided a solution that allowed this investor to take the cash they needed out of the property and improve their overall cash flow.


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