Refinance an Investment Property
or Commercial Mortgage

Find the right option for refinancing an existing commercial loan that isn’t meeting your needs or is about to mature. A refinance facilitated through can secure you a better rate and/or term that aligns with your goals for your commercial property.

Creditworthy borrowers can obtain much-improved loan conditions across many different parameters, such as the following:

1. Rate: Secure a new loan at the most competitive interest rate available for your credit level.

Borrowers settle for high-interest loans for a number of reasons. Some are saddled with a credit score that leaves them few alternatives. Others willingly choose a higher interest rate because they are securing a short-term bridge loan.

What these borrowers all have in common is a desire to refinance with a lower rate before their initial loan matures. If you're in a better position to secure a lower rate right now -- whether it be because of an improvement in your credit score, recent success with your business, or a property/tenant improvement -- you need to partner with mortgage experts who work tirelessly to get you the best solution possible.  Apply with us now to see how we can help you secure a lower interest rate on your next commercial loan.

Rate/Term Refinance Case Study:

Property Type:  Retail   Purpose:  Refinance   Loan Amount:  $1,755,000   Location:  Lake Worth, Florida

Property Type: Retail

Purpose: Refinance

Loan Amount: $1,755,000

Location: Lake Worth, Florida

This investor purchased a distressed retail property in Florida. They then made property improvements within the next two years that made their investment more attractive to lenders. The problem was that many traditional lenders prevent borrowers from refinancing until they have owned the property for a longer period of time.

Our team was able to connect the borrower with a lending solution despite the relatively short ownership period.

2. Term: Don't feel squeezed into tight loan terms.

Our lenders offer mortgage terms ranging from 5 to 30 years. Depending on your property needs and credit profile, you can opt for a long amortization period (up to 30 years) and a balloon payment, or you may be able to amortize your refinanced loan for the entire length of the mortgage – allowing you to secure steady repayment amounts for the full life of your new loan.

3. Cash-Out: Take advantage of equity trapped in an existing property.

The lenders in our network typically place no limit on cash-out refinances, allowing you to “cash out” the difference between your old and new loan (even if the new mortgage amount is greater than your existing loan balance and settlement costs).

The issue for many borrowers today is that traditional lenders will typically limit the amount of cash-out they can access when refinancing. It is also common for lenders to require that the cash be used for a few specific purposes.

If you are looking to take cash out of your commercial mortgage investment property, you will likely want to work with a lender whose programs feature the fewest number of restrictions. Apply with us today so we can connect you with the cash-out solution that most closely matches your investment strategy.

Commercial Mortgage Cash-Out Case Study:

Property Type:  Multifamily   Purpose:  Cash-Out Refinance   Loan Amount : $402,500   Location:  Bridgeport, Connecticut

Property Type: Multifamily

Purpose: Cash-Out Refinance

Loan Amount: $402,500

Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut

An investor in Connecticut wanted to take cash out of their existing mortgage. Unfortunately, they could not provide the tax return documentation other lenders required and were unable to access the funds.

Thanks to our mortgage experts’ help, the investor was soon introduced to a reduced documentation solution that gave them the ability to refinance and take out the cash they needed.

4. Consolidation: Put all your debt into one easy-manage loan.

Our experts can connect you to a consolidation loan that may lower your interest rates and reduce the size of your monthly payments.


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