Applying for a commercial mortgage can be a complex process, which is why is here. Working with our experts can help you enjoy a more seamless, efficient process as you select the right commercial property lender and loan.

By submitting your commercial mortgage needs to our experts, you can bypass some of the complexity and receive fast service and personalized customer support. We’ll connect you with the right commercial lenders for your loan up to $5M.

Commercial lenders are fairly risk-averse, so they tend to have many requirements for issuing a loan. Commercial mortgage lenders often scrutinize the borrower's business as well as the commercial property that will serve as collateral for the loan (though this depends on the type of loan, desired term, and credit profile of the borrower). They also charge higher interest rates and build in stronger protections than are typically seen in residential lending.

As you move through the process of receiving quotes, assessing offers, and selecting the right loan for your property, there are many considerations to keep in mind – starting with the application process.


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