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3 Ways Investmentproperty.loans can help You Overcome Traditional Lending Hurdles

Looking to invest in a residential multifamily property?  Read on to learn how InvestmentProperty.loans can help you overcome common hurdles and secure the funding you need.

Challenge #1: You want to list a company as the borrowing entity

Investors of residential multifamily properties regularly establish limited liability companies for tax purposes and many prefer to list their limited liability company (LLC) as the borrowing entity in a mortgage transaction.  Unfortunately, agency programs, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, don’t allow this practice.

InvestmentProperty.Loans can provide differentiated solutions that give you the opportunity to list an LLC as the borrowing entity for your transaction.

Challenge #2: You’re struggling to meet bank documentation requirements

Investors, like other types of self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs, often have trouble proving their income.  This in turn makes it more difficult for them to meet the documentation requirements enforced by most traditional lenders. 

However, InvestmentProperty.Loans' solutions feature far fewer documentation requirements than traditional alternatives.  As an example, personal financials like tax returns and 4506Ts are not required at any point in the transaction.  The only documents you need to get started are a credit report, a complete loan application, and any pertinent property information (photos, rent roll, etc.).

Challenge #3: You need to secure funding FAST

Let’s face it: no one prefers a drawn-out transaction process.  But investors of smaller properties like duplexes and condos have a particularly strong desire for fast closings.  They regularly find themselves in tight spots thanks to a seller’s deadline, an upcoming balloon payment, or any other complication. 

Lenders who average 60 to 90-day closings are likely to undermine your overarching strategy for an investment property.  That’s why we are committed to connecting you with quick and painless transaction processes. 

Getting started:

The real strength of the solution comes from the experience of our team and the level of service they provide.

You can expect a smooth experience throughout your transaction, as well as a healthy level of communication at every step of the process.  

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